Fix a Flat Tire at Kozy’s Bike Shop

As summer starts, there are few pastimes that can beat out a bike ride in terms of enjoyment. Whether you’re cycling for fitness, as a serious hobby, or just for fun, there’s something inherently joyful about pedaling along a road or path. 

But, inevitably, disaster strikes. A bolt comes loose, your brakes give out, or your chain desperately needs some lubrication. Hopefully, you notice this at home, or make it back safely if an issue appears while you’re out for a ride. Whenever you realize something’s off, though, you can turn to Kozy’s Bike Shop to get your bicycle back up and riding in no time. 

Kozy’s offers an array of service packages to meet all your repair needs and work within your budget. Get a basic tune-up or safety check done or upgrade all the way to “the total package,” which includes tear down, cleaning, and reassembly, thorough cleaning, new standard brake, and more. Looking to have a tire installed or an accessory (like a baby seat, training wheels, or new pedals) added on? Kozy’s can take care of that for you as well! 

If you see yourself becoming a regular at the shop, be sure to sign up for their Club Membership. With options for new and used bikes, you’ll save on repairs, adjustments, and other services with the convenience of one annual membership fee.