Pritzker Military Museum & Library: Step Into the Past

Pritzker Military Museum & Library has a unique mission among Chicago-area museums: it is focused on preserving representations of "citizen soldiers" as a fundamental element in American democracy. What exactly does that mean? Well, a visit to the museum–virtual or in-person–will allow you to explore the many different viewpoints about the US military that have existed over the past two centuries. 

For example, what did Americans think and feel about the US’s entrance into World War II? The museum has collected hundreds of posters, newspaper editorials, oral histories, letters, photographs, and more that detail not only the US military involvement in the war, but also the prevailing attitudes and fears back home. Interested in military decorations? You might also be interested in the museum’s "Medal of Honor" exhibit, which showcases the stories of Americans who have received the nation’s highest award for combat. 

Whether you’re a history buff or a student of human emotion, this museum should have something for everyone.