Poland Meets Colombia at Polombia, Now Open Near 727 West Madison

Even the most scholarly geography student could be stumped at first when presented with “Polombia.” But Chicago foodies will meet an entirely different experience when it comes to this newly opened addition to the city’s restaurant scene. This unique combination—that of Poland and Colombia⁠—creates a creative menu fusing cultures and flavors. 

Brought together by Phillipe Sobon and Cynthia Orobio, whose cultural experiences are reflected in Polombia, the restaurant is already making a name for itself with its beautiful presentation, stellar service, and original dishes. As one reviewer describes, “Polombia needs to be added to the top 10 best places to eat in Chicago. This is one of the BEST places I’ve eaten at in a very long time.”

Polombia’s creative cuisine features customer favorites like zapiekanka (Polish pizza), sal-cho-papa (a potato and sausage dish), and kielbasa perro (sausage with pineapple glaze, tomato aioli, and other fixings). Paired with sides, desserts, and Polish-Colombian drinks, your tastebuds will be in for a treat with any combination from their menu.

Visitors who prefer veggie dishes will be thrilled to find that Polombia offers a vegetarian lentil option for several of their plates, as well as gluten-free varieties like their arepa-ski. Whatever your preference, Colombian or Polish, you’ll find something good to eat at this soon-to-be Chicago hotspot.