Umami Burger Serves the Fifth Taste Near 727 West Madison

Only a handful of cities around the world get to have the honor of hosting an Umami Burger, and lucky you, Chicago is now one of them. The popular chain recently opened a new spot in Wicker Park, and you need to make plans to visit immediately. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, umami is the one of the five tastes (besides bitter, salt, sour, and sweet). It’s often referred to as savory, or the rich flavor behind broths and meats. Umami Burger perfectly captures that fifth taste with their beefy burgers, and even the meatless Impossible versions. Get a classic on your first visit the best experience the house patty, classic sauce, and miso-mustard mixture. Then expand your repertoire from there. The sweet potato fries and cheesy potato tots are dream-worthy, and the double truffle burger with cheese fondue is worth every bit of the mess. 

And unlike many burger joints, Umami Burger offers premium cocktails to wash down your burger (if you opt to skip the phenomenal milkshakes).