Have You Tried the Avocado-Toast Cupcake at Sugargoat?

Stephanie Izard’s done it again. The Food Network darling and all-around master chef brings us Sugargoat, a nostalgic, high-end bakery that feels more fun than fussy. Choose from baked goods with brilliant flavor combinations and familiar feels, like the Cheez-It cupcake, chocolate shake French fry pie, and oatmeal pickled raisin cookies. These aren’t your run of the mill sugary treats. Sugargoat balances the salty and savory with the sweet, and the result is delicious. Plus, each treat has a genius blend of textures, from the smooth and creamy, to just the right amount of chew and crunch.

There isn’t a one-note dessert to be had at Sugargoat, and reviewers are taking notice. From all the glowing comments on Yelp, to the recent article in the Tribune, Sugargoat is getting a lot of attention (and deserves every bit of it). Be sure to visit early if you want to try one of the more in-demand treats like the avocado toast cupcake.

Sugargoat is open daily from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., and also offers nationwide shipping for your far-away sugar-loving friends.