Treat Your Valentine to Gourmet Goodies at Cloud Cookie

So, your significant other has a sweet tooth. There’s no shortage of chocolates and other treats this time of year—it wouldn’t take much time or effort to find something sugary and brightly heart-shaped. But your partner is something special. They deserve a treat that’s equally special this Valentine’s Day. 

That’s where Cloud Cookie, a Chicago hotspot with nationwide delivery offerings, swoops in to save the day. Pick out a classic cookie, like chocolate chunk, “the basic bish” (a sugar cookie with sprinkles), or “the cloudoodle” (a play on snickerdoodle). Or, go all-in with a caramel volcano, windy city macadamia, or “the cloudynoir” (double chocolate with chocolate chunks). Even their signature cookie, the titular cloud cookie, is eye-catching, covered in a dusting of blue-tinged powdered sugar. In fact, that’s something all of their cookies have in common—they’re as beautiful as they are mouth-watering. 

With shipping options available, you can treat your beloved sweet tooth to this Chicago classic wherever they are. Long-distance romance with a vegan or Celiac? Send them the vegan (& gluten-free) double chocolate cookie. Mom on the opposite side of the country? Bring a Valentine’s Day smile to her face with a dozen oatmeal-walnut-chocolate chip cookies aptly named “mom knows best.” At home or afar, this is a sweet that’s truly unforgettable.