Expect Modern Indonesian Fare at Minihasa

With Minahasa, a new addition to The Loop, Chef John Avila sets out to introduce authentic Indonesian Cuisine to the city of Chicago. Joining traditional dishes with the chef’s special creations, the Minahasa menu ranges from sate to balapis, with delicious bites along the way. 

“Come for the beef rendang and don’t forget the ube cookies to treat yo self after eating good!” writes the restaurant’s very first Yelp reviewer. The curry-spiced beef stew and sugar cookies aren’t the only Minahasa menu items to catch customers’ eyes, though. From spicy sambal chicken wings to Mama Betty’s chicken-and-shrimp-stuffed egg rolls, there’s something for everyone to enjoy (including vegetarian/vegan options and allergen warnings), so long as you like a touch of spice. As one happy customer explains, “The first Indonesian restaurant that doesn’t hold back on spices! FINALLY!”

Minahasa has quickly started to capture Chicagoans’ hearts with its authentic Indonesian cuisine and it’s sure to continue gathering avid fans. From spicy meats to cool coconut rice, each dish balances its complex combination of flavors to make fans of Indonesian food and new converts alike add this spot to their list of local favorites.