Things to do during Chicago Winter for 727 Residents

When winter rolls in, the Millennium Park Foundation’s Winter Ice Skating in Chicago is one of the city’s most treasured activities. Each year, thousands of people of all ages flock to the ice rink to enjoy a unique display of skill and camaraderie. 

The ice rink is open and is running until March 6th for skaters of all skill levels. Skaters may bring their own equipment, or rent a pair of skates from the park’s skate rental facility. While admission is free, online reservation tickets are required.

Chicago is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and with 727 West Madison’s idyllic location, you only have a short drive or 20-minute walk to the ice rink. Parking garages are located less than a block from Millennium Park. You can also stop in Momentum Coffee to warm up with hot drinks and snacks after your session.

The park’s location is noted for its wide variety of attractions and activities, and we know that the city doesn’t stop just because the snow comes down! No city is filled with the spirit of the season like Chicago, so if you are interested in skating, be sure to check out Millennium Park’s official website here!

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