February for the 727 West Madison Community

Now that January has come and gone, the new year is just… the year. But don’t fret 727 West Madison residents! From the Super Bowl, to Valentine’s Day, to Chicago Theatre Week, to Chicago Restaurant Week, to Black History Month, to National Cancer Prevention Month, there is plenty to do in February. 

February is National Cancer Prevention Month. Join the American Association for Cancer Research in supporting research to prevent cancer. 

Black History Month also takes place in February and originated in Chicago. From Black-owned businesses, concerts, and museums, learn about everything you can do to celebrate BHM in our city. 

Between Feb 16-26 is Chicago Theatre Week. From musicals to improv to dramas and more, tickets always cost less than $30 for more than 100 performances across the city. 

Then, it’s time for Valentine’s Day. A day meant to be surrounded by love, whether that is a romantic partner, friends, or family. It could even be a day of self-care! 

Finally, on Sunday the 12th, the Chiefs and the Eagles face off at the Superbowl. But no matter which team you’re rooting for, Superbowl snacks are a must. 

So, don’t overlook February 727 West Madison community, and make every day a good day!